Selfies and Social Media Encouraging Youth for Cosmetic Surgery

As per a latest survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) it was discovered that there has been a steep rise in requests for aesthetic surgeries as patients are eager to look better in their social media photos.

Social Media Vs Cosmetic Surgery
As our social online lives are getting a great deal of visual manifestation of ourselves, the concept of ‘selfie’ has gone increasingly popular in the society. The eagerness how we’re considered on social sites has resulted in a hike in facial cosmetic surgery. The aspect of the selfie has gone tremendously popular.

Rise in Cosmetic Surgery is Selfie Driven
There is a sharp increase in most probably facial cosmetic surgeries as the patients are getting more self-conscious of their physical outlook on social media sites. In addition, it has been established that there is 10% rise in nose surgeries, 6% hike in eyelid surgery and a 7% in hair transplants promoting the overall concept of improved facial appearance.

Bully is Major Driver
It is quite difficult for young individuals to avoid the attraction of being caught up with the selfie trend due to the easy access of such apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram etc. A very common cause of young people feel the need to opt for cosmetic surgery to enhance their online photos is due to bullying. It has been established that 69% of teenagers who opted for surgery was because of the bullying.

In spite of this rise in facial cosmetic surgery candidate, it has been taken serious by cosmetic surgeons. Though it is a matter of growth in their profession, but the reason behind this surgery must be reviewed to provide the right guidance to future youth generations.

Although it is great to stay connected in social media but its adverse impact is also been witnessed in the past few years. There should be a right guidance and the change in perception of the youth to use social media for better purpose to progress their career and other fruitful efforts.