Why is Fall the Best Season for Most of Cosmetic Surgeries?


Fall is the most pleasant time of the year for almost most of us. The sun takes rests a little earlier, the leaves take new colors, and the air wears a crisp stiffness making the atmosphere pleasant and cozy.

With fall things get easy for those who are into the industry of plastic surgery or who are waiting to get any cosmetic surgery done. With the changing season and trend, the fashion of everything changes. It is equally true when you think of aesthetic appeal. Yes, it is true that plastic surgery procedures are also mostly done on the fall season.

What plastic surgery procedure has to do with season? Yes, it has to! The only thing that matters is the recuperation period and the ease of procedure. Better the weather faster the healing would be. So, let’s have a look at some of the more popular plastic surgery procedures that are mostly recommended for fall.

Long-Term Procedures

When you plan to go out in summer in bathing suits and go to the beach, fall is the time to get yourself in shape. Yes, there are several procedures that would take pretty long time to get you the desired shape! Let’s have a closer look at those procedures that you can opt for in fall to enjoy your summer by giving sufficient rest and time to reach the best results:

  • Liposuction: Having extra weight means you are ought to carry this weight in the summer months leading to unnecessary sweat and effort. You can get a liposuction done in the fall and by the summer you would be raring to hit the beach with full confidence and ease!
  • Tummy Tuck: This procedure is mostly desired by many people as many are suffering from tummy problem due to age or some other reasons. So summer is the time when you are out to enjoy your days at the beach with your well-toned and crisp tummy. For this, fall is the season that can get you a tummy tuck giving you sufficient time to heal and recover before you wear that bikini for your beach trip.
  • Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift: This procedure requires a few days of time to recover from the surgery. Fall is the time giving you enough reason to stay back at home under the wraps of the warmth of your cozy clothing providing you enough rest and time to come out with a great shape in summer.

All the above surgeries are great and most sought about in the fall season as it all requires some time to heal and of course what best place than you home? You can enjoy the results completely in the summer. Is there anything you can enjoy in fall?

Instant Delight

There are a few surgical procedures in cosmetics that can be enjoyed right away. They do not require much time for healing and are quite popular amongst the patients. Such procedures generate immediate results and you do not have to wait for long to get the results. Fortunately, many of these are non-surgical.

  • Botox: It is an injectable element that helps you getting rid of fine lines or wrinkles which we all widely experience due to aging or any other reasons. You can instantly enjoy its results without waiting for a long time. What better season could be than fall to experience a new you using Botox.
  • Dermal Fillers: Dermal fillers are yet another process to fade away the fine lines and wrinkles and look younger and happier. It is mostly done by injecting volume under your skin and it is a bit different than Botox in terms of its functions. You must take time consulting your surgeon if you are confused which procedure to reduce wrinkles should you opt for.
  • Nose Job: You may not be very happy with your nose shape and size. You can change its look without much effort by getting a rhinoplasty done. It is an awesome way to refresh your facial looks and wear a new you.

So, friends there is no better season to opt for a cosmetic surgery done to wear a new look and flaunt a new personality as this is the time when you can stay at home wearing lot of clothes enjoying the soothing breeze, relishing home cooked food and waiting for a speedy recovery to hit the beach in the summer. So fall is already there, and it’s a great time to don a new you.


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Top 10 Misconceptions about hair transplant surgery

Hair Transplant Myths

Hair loss is one of the major problems men are suffering these days. Today, various cosmetic surgeries and techniques are available for controlling hair loss and getting new hair. One of such innovative and modern techniques is hair transplant. Hair transplant in Ahmedabad is considered to be the best technique for controlling hair loss and getting back new hair. With the advancement of latest technology, hair transplant is also getting new direction and advancement that provides better results and satisfaction.

Thousands of people across the world underwent from these innovative and creative surgery. But many of the people are having misconceptions about this process, its result as well as advantages. Here, we are discussing some of the most popular hair transplant surgery myths that are associated with hair transplant.

  1. Hair transplant is an expensive procedure: today, with the advancement of latest techniques, this hair fall treatment becomes very much affordable. Without digging a hole in your pocket, you can easily get transplanted hair from any expert cosmetic surgeon.
  2. Hair transplant can fall out: the result of hair transplant is absolutely permanent. Also, hair is planted into the scalp by using latest devices and handheld tools. It is nearly impossible that any of the hair may fall out of your scalp.
  3. It is a painful process: it is absolutely wrong. While performing the process, you will never realize that your cosmetic surgeon is planting hair on your scalp.
  4. Hair transplant looks artificial: hair transplanted into your scalp is your own hair and natural hair will always look as natural as it is. No one can say that you are having artificial hair or you did hair transplant on your scalp.
  5. Only bald person can undergo from this procedure: for hair transplant, it is not necessary that you are suffering from baldness. You can have transplanted hair on your eyebrows, beards, and chest and wherever you want.
  6. Hair transplant can be done on scalp only: not true! Hair transplant can be done on eyebrows, beards and chests. If someone is suffered from accident and had scar on eyebrows or on beards, then hair transplant can help to get back hair on the scars as well.
  7. Laser hair transplant is the best method these days: not at all! There are many methods of hair transplant and all of them are having pros and cons. We cannot consider laser as the best means of hair transplant. Infact, laser can damage cells and tissues on your scalp. So it can be said that laser method is not as safe as other methods of hair transplant.
  8. Hair grows immediately after the procedure: it will take up to a year to grow hair of satisfaction length.
  9. Transplanted hair needs more care and protection: no, you can do anything with your hair after transplanting them onto your scalp. They start growing immediately after the process. You can shampoo them, can make your desired hair style and all the creative things you can do.
  10. Hair transplant can only be done on men: women are also considered as good candidate as men. Both men and women can take great advantages of innovative and absolutely effective hair transplant in Ahmedabad.

Breast Uplifts or Breast Implants? What to select for the cosmetic surgery of the breasts.


Childbirth, aging and weight loss are some of the major reasons of misshaped breasts. There are 45 percent of women in the world who are not happy with the shape, size or type of their breasts. In recent times, women are adjusting with the physical deformation and changes that happened to their body, but in the modern times, women just want to do their desired things. Also, with the advancements of different kinds of technologies in the cosmetic industry it is possible to get any kind of shape that women want. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss different cosmetic procedures for the breasts and their differences.

In addition to all these information, different kinds of women are having different kinds of breasts. Let us have a look on the types of breasts.

  1. Perfectly shaped breasts
  2. Sagging breasts
  3. Swooping breasts
  4. Large breasts
  5. Small breasts
  6. Tubular breasts
  7. Snoopy breasts
  8. Pigeon or pectus carinatum

Amongst the all kinds of breasts, cosmetic surgery is necessary or liable for the seven kinds of breasts. Let us discuss the reasons for cosmetic surgery as well as what kind of cosmetic surgery can be performed on these different sorts of breasts.

Breast uplifts: breast uplift surgery is generally done for the uplifting of the breast tissues. Breasts with normal size can be considered good for such kind of surgery. Here, if you are having sagging breasts and want to get them perfectly shaped, then all you need is to undergo from the breast uplift surgery.

Breast implants: breast implant surgery or breast augmentation is the surgery that makes your breast larger. In this surgery, breasts will look larger than the original size. You can get a cup size or two cup size larger breasts. If you are having small breasts, then this is the perfect surgery that you should try.

Breast uplifts and breast implants: breast uplifts and breast implants both the surgeries can provide effective results. If you are having swooping breasts and snoopy breasts, then all you need is to undergo from these surgery.

Breast reduction: this surgery reduces the size of the breast by deducting the breast tissues from the chest. For larger breasts this is the ideal surgery to be performed.

Along with these three kinds of surgeries, some special surgeries can also be performed for the uncommon shaped of the breasts like the tubular breasts and pigeon or pectus carinatum.

Here, we described the major breast surgeries and it completely depends on the cosmetic surgeon to select the best and the proper surgery for you. All you need is to consult with your doctor and decide what is good for you and your health.

Selfies and Social Media Encouraging Youth for Cosmetic Surgery

As per a latest survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) it was discovered that there has been a steep rise in requests for aesthetic surgeries as patients are eager to look better in their social media photos.

Social Media Vs Cosmetic Surgery
As our social online lives are getting a great deal of visual manifestation of ourselves, the concept of ‘selfie’ has gone increasingly popular in the society. The eagerness how we’re considered on social sites has resulted in a hike in facial cosmetic surgery. The aspect of the selfie has gone tremendously popular.

Rise in Cosmetic Surgery is Selfie Driven
There is a sharp increase in most probably facial cosmetic surgeries as the patients are getting more self-conscious of their physical outlook on social media sites. In addition, it has been established that there is 10% rise in nose surgeries, 6% hike in eyelid surgery and a 7% in hair transplants promoting the overall concept of improved facial appearance.

Bully is Major Driver
It is quite difficult for young individuals to avoid the attraction of being caught up with the selfie trend due to the easy access of such apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram etc. A very common cause of young people feel the need to opt for cosmetic surgery to enhance their online photos is due to bullying. It has been established that 69% of teenagers who opted for surgery was because of the bullying.

In spite of this rise in facial cosmetic surgery candidate, it has been taken serious by cosmetic surgeons. Though it is a matter of growth in their profession, but the reason behind this surgery must be reviewed to provide the right guidance to future youth generations.

Although it is great to stay connected in social media but its adverse impact is also been witnessed in the past few years. There should be a right guidance and the change in perception of the youth to use social media for better purpose to progress their career and other fruitful efforts.

Cosmetic Surgery – Make Happiness and Confidence Integral Part of Your Life

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Ahmedabad

These days cosmetic surgery is more sought after than ever before. With easily available media channels this surgery is increasing public awareness about various cosmetic surgery procedures. Though the earlier cosmetic surgery was accessible only to the elite class and famous people, it is now gaining more and more momentum amongst the general public.

Let’s have a clear understanding about this procedure from close quarters.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that is carried out by a cosmetic surgeon to enhance the appearance of a specific part of your body. This surgery can not only increase the physical look, but it is also instrumental in enhancing emotional and psychological effects. Some of the major cosmetic procedures include breast enlargement, breast reduction, eyelid life, nose reshaping, chin augmentation, brow lift, tummy tuck, facelift, whole body lift etc. that can have a great impact on the individual’s self-confidence level.

Benefits Cosmetic Surgery Brings

Plastic surgery can offer a number of significant benefits that can be both – physical and emotional. From face lifts and breast implants to rhinoplasty, you can experience an amazing and improved confidence boost in you about yourself. A great feeling that your body looks more proportional on a physical level!

  1. Increased Confidence: One of the most instant benefits of plastic surgery is that it catapults your self confidence. By improving something that was once holding you back, now you can feel yourself a better person in terms of appearance that instantly boost your confidence, which can have a positive impact on various areas in your life. It may enhance your communication skills and body language as a result. It may help you decide to go for a specific job, or ask a person out that you’ve always liked but felt too uncomfortable to approach.
  1. A Healthier/Better You: You may be able to participate in related physical activities that you usually felt uncomfortable participating in before. This results in a much healthier lifestyle and a start of a new active life full of enthusiasm and zest.
  1. Correct Disfigurement: Whether its tummy tuck or breast implant or any other type of surgery, it corrects your disfigurements, which you might have suffered since birth or due to accidents. Such procedures can not only help you with the cosmetic side of things, but in some cases like rhinoplasty it can also help you breathe easier.
  1. An Investment in You: You are the most esteemed asset for yourself. Several people forget this about themselves and stop realizing the importance of investing in self to boost their confidence and their look. You have only one body and life so why not make it just the way you’ve always wanted it? If you want to beautify your body and appearances that can make you feel happier and better then why not go for it?

There are really many benefits that plastic surgery can bring within you. To top it all, it’s definitely more affordable than you think it can. So be more aware about your appearance and find out the best cosmetic surgery consultant in Ahmedabad to develop the much awaited self esteem and confidence and live life king size.