Top 10 Misconceptions about hair transplant surgery

Hair Transplant Myths

Hair loss is one of the major problems men are suffering these days. Today, various cosmetic surgeries and techniques are available for controlling hair loss and getting new hair. One of such innovative and modern techniques is hair transplant. Hair transplant in Ahmedabad is considered to be the best technique for controlling hair loss and getting back new hair. With the advancement of latest technology, hair transplant is also getting new direction and advancement that provides better results and satisfaction.

Thousands of people across the world underwent from these innovative and creative surgery. But many of the people are having misconceptions about this process, its result as well as advantages. Here, we are discussing some of the most popular hair transplant surgery myths that are associated with hair transplant.

  1. Hair transplant is an expensive procedure: today, with the advancement of latest techniques, this hair fall treatment becomes very much affordable. Without digging a hole in your pocket, you can easily get transplanted hair from any expert cosmetic surgeon.
  2. Hair transplant can fall out: the result of hair transplant is absolutely permanent. Also, hair is planted into the scalp by using latest devices and handheld tools. It is nearly impossible that any of the hair may fall out of your scalp.
  3. It is a painful process: it is absolutely wrong. While performing the process, you will never realize that your cosmetic surgeon is planting hair on your scalp.
  4. Hair transplant looks artificial: hair transplanted into your scalp is your own hair and natural hair will always look as natural as it is. No one can say that you are having artificial hair or you did hair transplant on your scalp.
  5. Only bald person can undergo from this procedure: for hair transplant, it is not necessary that you are suffering from baldness. You can have transplanted hair on your eyebrows, beards, and chest and wherever you want.
  6. Hair transplant can be done on scalp only: not true! Hair transplant can be done on eyebrows, beards and chests. If someone is suffered from accident and had scar on eyebrows or on beards, then hair transplant can help to get back hair on the scars as well.
  7. Laser hair transplant is the best method these days: not at all! There are many methods of hair transplant and all of them are having pros and cons. We cannot consider laser as the best means of hair transplant. Infact, laser can damage cells and tissues on your scalp. So it can be said that laser method is not as safe as other methods of hair transplant.
  8. Hair grows immediately after the procedure: it will take up to a year to grow hair of satisfaction length.
  9. Transplanted hair needs more care and protection: no, you can do anything with your hair after transplanting them onto your scalp. They start growing immediately after the process. You can shampoo them, can make your desired hair style and all the creative things you can do.
  10. Hair transplant can only be done on men: women are also considered as good candidate as men. Both men and women can take great advantages of innovative and absolutely effective hair transplant in Ahmedabad.

Breast Uplifts or Breast Implants? What to select for the cosmetic surgery of the breasts.


Childbirth, aging and weight loss are some of the major reasons of misshaped breasts. There are 45 percent of women in the world who are not happy with the shape, size or type of their breasts. In recent times, women are adjusting with the physical deformation and changes that happened to their body, but in the modern times, women just want to do their desired things. Also, with the advancements of different kinds of technologies in the cosmetic industry it is possible to get any kind of shape that women want. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss different cosmetic procedures for the breasts and their differences.

In addition to all these information, different kinds of women are having different kinds of breasts. Let us have a look on the types of breasts.

  1. Perfectly shaped breasts
  2. Sagging breasts
  3. Swooping breasts
  4. Large breasts
  5. Small breasts
  6. Tubular breasts
  7. Snoopy breasts
  8. Pigeon or pectus carinatum

Amongst the all kinds of breasts, cosmetic surgery is necessary or liable for the seven kinds of breasts. Let us discuss the reasons for cosmetic surgery as well as what kind of cosmetic surgery can be performed on these different sorts of breasts.

Breast uplifts: breast uplift surgery is generally done for the uplifting of the breast tissues. Breasts with normal size can be considered good for such kind of surgery. Here, if you are having sagging breasts and want to get them perfectly shaped, then all you need is to undergo from the breast uplift surgery.

Breast implants: breast implant surgery or breast augmentation is the surgery that makes your breast larger. In this surgery, breasts will look larger than the original size. You can get a cup size or two cup size larger breasts. If you are having small breasts, then this is the perfect surgery that you should try.

Breast uplifts and breast implants: breast uplifts and breast implants both the surgeries can provide effective results. If you are having swooping breasts and snoopy breasts, then all you need is to undergo from these surgery.

Breast reduction: this surgery reduces the size of the breast by deducting the breast tissues from the chest. For larger breasts this is the ideal surgery to be performed.

Along with these three kinds of surgeries, some special surgeries can also be performed for the uncommon shaped of the breasts like the tubular breasts and pigeon or pectus carinatum.

Here, we described the major breast surgeries and it completely depends on the cosmetic surgeon to select the best and the proper surgery for you. All you need is to consult with your doctor and decide what is good for you and your health.