Health Benefits of undergoing Tummy Tuck Surgery


Tummy tuck surgery is a cosmetic procedure which involves removal of excess stomach skin and tightening of abdominal muscles. The end result is firmer and flatter abdomen and better personality. Once you undergo this surgery, you will love the results and will feel good that you took the decision of undergoing it. Though people opt for this treatment because of the cosmetically motivated reasons but there are several other benefits attached with a tummy tuck surgery.

Let us discuss them one by one:

  • Tummy tuck provides relief from urinary incontinence: It can develop because of aging or childbirth. Specialists have found that a tummy tuck surgery can reduce or relieve a person from urinary incontinence. The procedure involves reinforcing and tightening of soft tissues which support pelvic floor, urethra and bladder. It is done because they create pressure on the passage between bladder and urethra.
  • Improvement in the abdominal muscle tone: Abdominal muscles tend to become stretched, weakened and distended when a woman becomes pregnant or becomes overweight. The damage remains there even after one loses weight or delivers a baby and it cannot be repaired with diet control. The tummy tuck procedure does not only involve tightening or removal of skin but addresses the muscles too. When muscles are repaired and tightened they create a stronger and stable abdominal wall.
  • Help is the improvement of body posture: When abdominal wall becomes weak, its integrity and strength get affected, causing bad posture. Tummy tuck surgery helps in restoring stability to the midsection. A good posture helps in reducing the stress on the spine, opens up airways so that you can breathe better and neck or back pain gets reduced considerably. It will also make you look better and confident.
  • Correct a ventral hernia: A ventral hernia is a condition which takes place in the individuals who have experienced stomach surgeries such as C-sections or appendectomies or have had massive weight loss. It can be extremely painful and can lead to infections. This condition can be treated only surgically so when a person decides to go for tummy tuck the specialists check for a Ventral hernia in advance and treat it if the condition exists.
  • Better Lifestyle: When people start to notice the results of this surgery, they take to a healthy lifestyle which includes proper food, exercises, and posture.

Tummy tuck procedure offers numerous health benefits, having a flatter stomach and a perfect body endows a person with self-confidence and can lead one towards a path of well bell being. Seeing yourself in the mirror and being proud of the way you look is a worthwhile experience and can change your outlook towards life. Mostly, people who undergo this surgery adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid future weight gain, this is done by following a healthy lifestyle which includes daily exercises and balanced diet. This for sure will help in maintaining your tummy tuck results and will also contribute towards overall wellbeing.


Know the Facts About Patient Safety in Plastic Surgery


The elective approach of cosmetic surgery makes it more important to observe patient safety during the entire surgery. In most of the hospitals the positioning and patient preparation work is the responsibility of nurses and other anesthesiology staff. It becomes even more important for these members to know the importance of the patient safety and preoperative guidelines of patient positioning as most of the plastic surgeons perform the majority of the cosmetic procedures in their office-based surgical setting.

Present Scenario

With the growing cases of using fat injections to the buttocks across the globe, it has also increased the focus on deaths occurring during this procedure, which is caused due to the injection of other illicit materials like silicone. The dream of a well-toned derriere has landed many individuals into the hands of such professionals who often lack the required credentials or training to perform plastic surgery leading to devastating results or fatal side effects.

How to Find right Plastic Surgeon

Being a patient, you must understand how to rely on the right surgeon as you may be lured by the promise of cheap procedures offered by some unqualified surgeons. As there is not stringent regulation from the state, patients are compelled to fend for themselves. It is always advisable to thoroughly research the credentials of the professional and also ensure that the facilities offered are completely accredited. Be alert and never forget to find if your surgeon is a certified profession or not.

What to Expect from a Certified Practitioner

It is not illegal to perform cosmetic surgery for any physician but they must be “board-certified cosmetic surgeons.” For this, a physician should have attended an accredited multi-year training course in plastic surgery, and have passed complex written and oral examinations. This doesn’t guarantee that board-certified plastic surgeons don’t face complications. It’s just that this training helps them understand how to reduce the risks prior to surgery in terms of selecting their candidates based on their by appropriate candidature for surgery. Moreover, they are also armed with expertise to manage any complications that may arise during or after surgery.

Patient safety and comfort during the surgery are becoming increasingly necessary. This is not only important to avoid complications during cosmetic surgery, but it will also add value and professionalism to the overall rapport of the plastic surgeons making their profession more noble and reliable.

Enhance Your Confidence and Appearance with Plastic Surgery

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center in Ahmedabad, IndiaIf you are thinking about plastic surgery then you can be sure that there’s nothing to worry about. The cosmetic surgery can really help you to improve your appearance. The procedures of the surgery have a long one since the early days. The modern equipments of cosmetic surgery, and experienced doctors, make the surgery problem free. However, it’s important to know what you are going for before taking the final decision. These surgeries can be used to cover any mark on your body or improve any particular feature of your appearance. There are many different cosmetic surgery types which can change your body and face.

What to know about plastic surgery

There are a lot of things to know about plastic surgery and that will help you to decide where you are going through the process or not. The first thing you must understand that the procedure may have some side effects. The modern science has blessed us with equipments that make these kinds of surgeries risk free. However, even if the operation goes flawlessly, there can be side effects of it. Not everyone is eligible for the cosmetic surgery. The type and quality of your skin are big factors that decide if you are ready for the surgery. Consult an expert to know about it more thoroughly.

A plastic surgery can be actually the person who can tell you if you will find effective results after the operation or not. You need to go through some tests for determining if your skin is right for a surgery of this kind. Another thing to know is the fact that the surgery costs a lot. The cosmetic surgery is not an option for you if you don’t have enough money in your bank for it. If you are eligible for the surgery then you will be happy to know that the end results are always effective. The cosmetic surgery provides you with permanent results that you were wishing for.

Finding the best plastic surgeon

What you have to be most careful about plastic surgery is that it should be performed by the only and expert practitioner. The world of cosmetic surgery has evolved a lot during the last one decade. Still, it all comes down to the surgeon standing beside your operation table, with a knife and scissors in hand. A plastic surgeon, like any other surgeon, becomes better with experience. The more surgeries he or she has behind her, the better results he or she can provide you with. Finding the best cosmetic surgeon is easy, as the best ones are always famous. However, they come with an issue of affordability that not everyone can match with.

You don’t always need to go to the best surgeon for expected results. There are many cosmetic surgeons who are not as famous as the popular ones, but they are capable enough. You can talk with anyone you know, who has gone through a cosmetic surgery. You can also look for the surgeons online, with public provided ratings and reviews. The best plastic surgery clinics in Ahmedabad, India will be rated higher.

Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is the one stop solution for enhancing your looks and confidence. With their latest medical technology you will regain your body contours and happiness.

Flush Out the Excess Fat and Make Heads Turn

Physical appearance plays a key role in enhancing self-confidence and self-respect. If you are not happy with the way you look, there is no need to feel helpless. Modern medical science has answers to every problem there is, all you need to do is take the right decision, choose the right doctor and the right treatment.  If you think your nose is not of a proper shape, or you have an irregular body shape then contact your nearest cosmetic surgery centres to correct it. Cosmetic surgery is a boon to people who want to change some aspects of their physical appearance.

Cosmetic surgery can help with you with hair transplant, nose surgery, breast surgery and body contouring.

Cutis - Best Liposuction Surgery Clinic in Ahmedabad, India

Due to irregular food habits and dramatic changes in life style more people are getting obese.  Dramatic increase in weight leads to many health issues. It becomes difficult for a person even to walk and breathe properly. Moreover, excess fat deposits on various parts of the body like thighs, abdomen, hips, knee, cheeks, chin, buttocks etc can make a person not look healthy and fit. Overweight people generally are low in confidence. Quick weight gain and quick weight lose has its own side effects.

If you want to maintain a good body shape then should try to reduce the weight in a natural way. Exercises can help weight reduction up to an extent. If the natural weight loss methods are not giving any positive results then it is better to think about liposuction.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery where excess fat deposit is removed from the body there by improving the body contour.  In the process the body becomes slim and this leads to reshaping of the whole body.  Fat can accumulate in a person’s body even if he is in healthy condition. With excessive deposit of fat on certain parts of the body that part becomes bulky and this changes the whole body structure.

If you a person who does exercises regularly then you are the best candidate for liposuction surgery. This is not an obesity treatment. Liposuction can be performed only on certain parts of the body.  Liposuction Surgery Ahmedabad is renowned for the excellent care given by the specialists to patients’ pre and post-surgery. Excess removal of fat deposit can lead to numbness and infection. So it is always better to consult liposuction experts about the percentage of fat deposit removal to make sure the procedure will help in getting positive results without any side effects. Liposuction Surgery Ahmedabad is able to give world class treatment at affordable rate.

It is better to discuss the positive and negative factors of liposuction surgery with the specialist before doing the procedure. One of the major centres that provide superior body contouring treatment is Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre. The centre has highly specialized team to provide effective cosmetic procedures like hair transplant breast reduction, breast lift, breast enlargement, Abdominoplasty, facial surgeries, tummy tuck and Rhinoplasty. Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre provides all the cosmetic procedures at unbelievably low rates.

So what are waiting for? Take the big decision and embrace a new you.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery – An Overview

We’ve all observed the names; “moobs,” “moobies” or “man boobs.” Regardless of what you identify them, they can be a resource of lessening self-esteem and inadequate body impression to the people who undergo from them. They genuinely are no having a laugh issue. But male breast (gynecomastia) (the scientific name for moobs) does not have to be something you have to undergo through.

Reasons of gynecomastia vary from genetics, significant weight loss, hormone changes or even the use of Cannabis.

Pubescent men may experience short-term breast augmentation due to their raging hormones, but those who take Cannabis through adolescence are at possibility of making short-term breast long lasting. Cannabis changes levels of androgenic hormone or testosterone, and taking the drugs during this developing stage can intervene with regular growth.

Though, gynecomastia in youngsters may be hormonal, specifically if the impact is unilateral, or only existing on one side. This kind of gynecomastia  will probably go away on its own.

There are some non-surgical solutions that might decrease male breast. Chest area press workouts and the slant cable fly put a higher load across the stomach than other exercises, and can help get rid of off some of that unwanted cells.

Even so, working out alone may not be enough to fix the problem. Unwanted cells may need male breast reduction surgery treatment or liposuction procedures to fully deal with a man’s gynecomastia. However, if it comes to that, the reduction is small enough to be invisible, even without a clothing on.

So, in order to gain back their confidence we have specialized in Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Ahmedabad. You will get back your confidence with the help of male breast reduction surgery in ahmedabad. The only place for having Male Breast Reduction surgery in Ahmedabad is Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center. If you want to regain your masculine appearance, contact us at

Liposuction surgery is the best option for removing excess fat from the body

There are so many process for reducing body fat and for reshaping your body counter like tummy tuck, abdominoplasty and liposuction. but we found that liposuction is at the best when it comes to the simple procedure of surgery. As a comprehensive cosmetic surgery liposuction resource and affiliated only with board-certified, reputable surgeons. It improves your body counter and equals the proportion of your body parts by enhancing your self-image.

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a process of reshaping your body by removing excess fat deposited in a specific area of your body.  It is relatively very simple procedure of vacuuming out excess fat from the body and also by shaping the body and giving it the best counter that it ever had. But in spite of being a very simple process, it still consists risks and complications that every surgical procedure may have. There are different types of liposuction techniques like tumescent liposuction in which a large amount of local anesthesia is used for swelling the targeted area and modified tumescent liposuction in which general anesthesia is used for the surgery.

Procedure of liposuction surgery

After giving anesthesia, surgeons will mark the targeted areas which are swallowed because of anesthesia. Then a small incision of about 1.5mm is made at the skin, and a hallow stainless steel tube called cannula is inserted from the incision. This cannula has a small needle which with the help of a powerful vacuum absorbed all the excess fat. This waste of fat is collected in plastic canister, leaving the body with its well toned counter and stitching the incisions. There by placing pads on the skin which help the skin to absorb the drainage. And lasting the operation is completed by wearing compressing garments to encourage drainage.

Liposuction Clinic in Ahmedabad, India

Risk and Recovery from the surgery

Risks the part of any surgical procedure, but it may understand by all prospective liposuction patients. Excessive number of areas treated will cause serious liposuction complications. Along with this, disfiguring, skin irregularities and depression are some of the frequent complications that may arise because of  liposuction surgery.  As we know the practice of surgery is not an exact science, but still good results are to be expected for the surgery. During 48 hours patient may experience swelling and bruising, but it will be disappear within 7 days post to the surgery. Straining, bending and lifting are strictly avoided during early post operative period. You can resume your normal activities within 10 days.

Cost of the surgeryThe cost is always a consideration in any elective surgery. But the cost is varying from surgery to surgery and from surgeon to surgeon. You can Contact Us for a expert consultation for your liposuction. We would like to discuss your cosmetic plans for your better future appearance.