Hair Transplant Surgery: What to expect?


After undergoing a hair transplant surgery, you will notice that a crust has started to form over each graft. The crust stays for almost between one to two weeks and falls off once the area has healed. It leaves the skin pink, which takes its original color within few days.

Hair in the area where grafting has been done usually shed about two to eight weeks after undergoing the treatment. Mostly, hair fall takes place with the crust and in some cases, it may take little longer to fall off. With few exceptions, usually, hair does not grow in the grafts for about eight to fourteen weeks after the surgery. During this time, the hair shed and new hair start to form.

When does hair start to grow to post the treatment?

Hair usually starts to grow after the twelfth week of the transplant. In some cases, they may grow as early in the eighth week. The growth of this hair is normal about half an inch per month. If hair transplantation has been done in a large area, then you can experience swelling on the forehead. This swelling typically lasts for a few days, but in few cases, it can be severe and cause puffiness around eyes. You will not feel the swelling immediately after the treatment and it will begin to rise after two to three days of undergoing the treatment. Usually, one will feel swelling after the first session and it does not reappear after the first session. Do not be worried about swelling as it is normal and temporary. It does not have any implications and does not hinder the healing process.

After a hair transplant, the patient may feel a temporary decrease in the sensitivity of the scalp.


Your specialist will give advice about shampooing your scalp, use of antibiotics and return to the clinic to remove any stitches that have been applied during the procedure.

For the first night after undergoing this procedure, sleep in a semi-upright position. Use a pillow to elevate your head, it is advised to sleep in this posture for at least three days after the surgery.

Do not touch the newly grafted areas, you may experience some soreness or itchiness but touching may lead to falling out.

Avoid alcohol for at least forty-eight hours after this procedure, avoid smoking for one month. Smoking can interrupt the blood flow which is important for the growth of new hair.

Avoid sun exposure until your scalp is swollen or pink, in case you have to go out wear a hat.

If the pain is severe and you find out bleeding or infection, then contact your doctor immediately. It usually takes three to four month’s time for new hair to grow, in some cases, it can be six months also.

Hair transplant surgery in Ahmedabad is an effective procedure to re-grow hair on the scalp. It takes a time of three to four months for the new hair to grow after the surgery and in rare cases; it can be up to six months.


Comparing FUT and FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

FUT and FUT Hair Transplant Clinic in AhmedabadWhether or not you are suffering from hair loss, you might be wondering which hair loss surgeries are available today, how do they work and which one is the best. Hair transplant is getting more and more popular these days as people are becoming more conscious about their appearances and are able to afford these surgeries. Gone are the days when just putting on a wig was the only solution and surgeries were limited only to celebrities and elite classes.

How is hair transplant done? In this process, hair follicles are taken from the back of your scalp and transplanted on the top where hair growth is low or nil. As a result you have natural hair growth lifelong, as back hairs are almost permanent. So which are the hair loss surgeries available today and which one is better? Although there are several methods available, but those can be finally refined to two methods of surgery- Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method and the STRIP harvesting method or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

Difference between FUT and FUE

The main difference between FUE and STRIP lies in the extraction process. The placing process where the extracted hair follicles are implanted on the scalp is usually very similar for both, if not identical. The STRIP method is considered a more traditional way of extracting donor hair, whereas FUE is considered more contemporary because it has only been available the last 10 years.

During the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) STRIP method, the surgeon excises a strip of hair and tissue from the back of the scalp. The hair bearing strip is then dissected into individual follicular units by hair transplant specialists. They are then placed in the thinning or balding regions, where the surgeon has made recipient sites. The wound is closed with the use of sutures or sometimes staples. When compared with the FUE surgery, the donor area after a strip excision surgery will require more time to fully heal. This scar may be detectable if the patients keep their hair very short, and may even stretch over time. As the strip procedure is more economical, it can be more attractive to some patients that have a limited budget.

The FUE is an approach that does not involve either a scalpel or stitches, resulting to significantly less down time, due to faster healing. But this is a time consuming and labor intensive process as every single follicle is extracted individually. A significant benefit is that controlled and careful extraction of donor hair is very lenient to the skin and scalp. Complications are very rare, and scars are not detectable after only a few days. The surgeon performing FUE can select the follicular units that will offer the most hairs per graft, and produce an optimal yield. FUE does not result in scars and even if there are any, you cannot detect them with naked eye.

The surgeon’s skills and experience plays a big part in both procedures. If you want to go for a hair transplant in Ahmedabad then take expert’s opinion on which one to opt for, according to your scalp conditions and also, your budget.

Things to Consider Before Having Hair Transplant Surgery

The problem of male pattern baldness is common, but it is also one that can be rectified using hair transplantation. This method places healthy hair follicles in places where baldness has set in to create new growth of hair.

Many people have the problem of baldness as a result of which they lose their natural good looks and also suffer from low self esteem. Men who experience baldness at a young age appear older than their biological age and also people of their age. Now, there is a revolutionary way of getting back hair growth in those areas that have baldness – hair transplantation.

Best Hair Transplantation Surgery Center in Ahmedabad, India

Go To A Professional Cosmetic Surgery Clinic For Perfect Hair Transplantation Results 

There are many places in India where you can get hair transplantation done professionally. If you are seeking this service, check out a list of well-known hair transplantation clinics in the city in which you live. For example, if you live in Ahmadabad looks into the listing of reputable cosmetic clinics providing professional Hair Transplant Surgery in Ahmadabad. Their experts will explain about hair transplantation in detail so that you understand fully how it is carried out and the safety precautions that need to be taken before getting it done.

Factors To Consider Before Going In For Hair Transplant Surgery

There are many factors to be considered before going for a hair transplant. When you go to a professional hair transplantation center they will inform you about precautions that need to be followed to make the transplantation process a successful one. Here is a look at what these precautions are:

  • You must have the normal male pattern baldness problem. This means the cause of hair loss must be genetic and not due to any medical problems.
  • You must be young or middle aged.
  • You must not have any serious health problems or allergy problems.
  • Prior to surgery it is essential to stop smoking and drinking.
  • There should be no intake of anti-inflammatory medicines or anti depressant prior to surgery.
  • Any allergic or negative reactions to medications must be informed.

Experts will check areas where transplantation will make your face look better. They will ascertain the extent of hair loss to determine how much grafting is essential, so any medical problems that you have should be informed to the surgeon.

Why Take Up Hair Transplantation?

There are significant benefits in getting hair surgery done by expert cosmetic surgeons. Here is a look at the benefits of getting a hair transplant done using the FUE method from Hair Transplant Surgery Center in Ahmadabad:

  • There is very little pain in the area where the transplantation is carried out.
  • The results of grafting are very natural and give the best results.
  • There is less trauma after surgery and recovery is quick.
  • Large areas of baldness are covered in one sitting due to which the process of transplantation can be done quickly and efficiently.
  • There are no scars in the area of surgery and it is possible to get a short haircut afterwards.

Those who have opted for this procedure have found satisfactory results and their hair loss problems have been resolved. They are able to get new hair growth in the area where they were previously experiencing baldness.