Know the Facts About Patient Safety in Plastic Surgery


The elective approach of cosmetic surgery makes it more important to observe patient safety during the entire surgery. In most of the hospitals the positioning and patient preparation work is the responsibility of nurses and other anesthesiology staff. It becomes even more important for these members to know the importance of the patient safety and preoperative guidelines of patient positioning as most of the plastic surgeons perform the majority of the cosmetic procedures in their office-based surgical setting.

Present Scenario

With the growing cases of using fat injections to the buttocks across the globe, it has also increased the focus on deaths occurring during this procedure, which is caused due to the injection of other illicit materials like silicone. The dream of a well-toned derriere has landed many individuals into the hands of such professionals who often lack the required credentials or training to perform plastic surgery leading to devastating results or fatal side effects.

How to Find right Plastic Surgeon

Being a patient, you must understand how to rely on the right surgeon as you may be lured by the promise of cheap procedures offered by some unqualified surgeons. As there is not stringent regulation from the state, patients are compelled to fend for themselves. It is always advisable to thoroughly research the credentials of the professional and also ensure that the facilities offered are completely accredited. Be alert and never forget to find if your surgeon is a certified profession or not.

What to Expect from a Certified Practitioner

It is not illegal to perform cosmetic surgery for any physician but they must be “board-certified cosmetic surgeons.” For this, a physician should have attended an accredited multi-year training course in plastic surgery, and have passed complex written and oral examinations. This doesn’t guarantee that board-certified plastic surgeons don’t face complications. It’s just that this training helps them understand how to reduce the risks prior to surgery in terms of selecting their candidates based on their by appropriate candidature for surgery. Moreover, they are also armed with expertise to manage any complications that may arise during or after surgery.

Patient safety and comfort during the surgery are becoming increasingly necessary. This is not only important to avoid complications during cosmetic surgery, but it will also add value and professionalism to the overall rapport of the plastic surgeons making their profession more noble and reliable.


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