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Gynecomastia means enlargement of the breast glands in men due to some hormonal imbalance, the treatment if the same may require surgery or medication. Cutis Hospital offers treatment for Gynecomastia in Ahmedabad. Quite often Gynecomastia is misunderstood with lipomastia or pseudogynecomastia which means fat deposits in the breast area of the men who are fat. Certain other conditions such as malnutrition, re-feeding and male sex organs disorders also lead to it.

We at Cutis offer full-fledged treatment for Gynecomastia, our experts are highly experienced and offer best treatments. We work in the most hygienic conditions and are equipped with modern amenities related to health care. Currently, we are running flat 20% discount on the consultation charges and 10% discount on all cosmetic and plastic surgery during July month. So, wait no more and book a consultation with us and our specialists will advise best treatments for you.


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Are you looking for the hair loss treatment or Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad? Cutis Hospital is here to help you. We are one of the leading Hair Transplant clinics in Ahmedabad, India and put forward our expertise in treating your conditions. We so far have successfully helped thousands of people in their hair care regimes. We use avant-garde techniques and best medical grade ingredients for the treatments and assure best results.

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