About Male Breast Enlargement and Effective Treatments

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Ahmedabad, India

Like women, today men also have treatments for breast enlargement. Most of the people believe that breast enlargement in man is due to obesity. Other than obesity lot more other factors can contribute to this condition. The condition where male breast enlarges and look similar to female breast is called gynaecomastia.

What are the causes of male breast enlargement or gynaecomastia?

Off course, obesity is one of the causes of male breast enlargement. Some other causes for the condition include abnormal growth of glands present in the breast tissues. Any imbalance in the hormone can promote the growth of glands. Use of anabolic steroids and excessive alcoholic consumption can be other reasons for the condition. Diseases like liver failure, cancer and birth related abnormalities also results in gynaecomastia.

Men who have gynaecomastia will be very self-conscious about their appearance. They may feel uncomfortable to appear in front of others.

Is there any natural remedy for Male Breast reduction?

If you are an obese person try to reduce food and take exercises to reduce the body weight. If breast enlargements was due to obesity then with the reduction of your body weight it will automatically disappear. Reducing the consumption of alcohol and eating healthy food can also help in Male Breast reduction up to certain extent.

Any treatment is available for Male Breast reduction?

Yes, there are effective treatments for gynaecomastia surgery in Ahmedabad. If the breast enlargement is due to accumulation of fatty tissues then it can be removed using liposuction.  One of the major advantages of liposuction is no scars will be left after surgery.  In the chest region liposuction procedure is performed by making a small incision of 5-6 mm long and removing the excess fat cells accumulated there using a fine cannulae. This is one of the most effective procedures and it will remove excess fat accumulated in the chest wall and the sides of the breast.

In some cases there will be glandular tissues, other than fatty tissues. If glandular tissues are present in excess quantity then it cannot be removed with liposuction. Glandular tissue growth can be removed using a surgical procedure. By removing the excess glands grown on the breast region the size of the breast will reduce automatically. In the surgical procedure a small incision is made on the edge of the areola to take the glandular tissues out. In this process no scars will be left when everything is healed.

Male Breast reduction procedure is performed under general anaesthesia with intravenous sedation, and this is a safe procedure. The patient can go home within few hours after the procedure. The results of the breast reduction surgery are permanent. It will take two to three weeks for the swelling to reduce after the surgery. During the healing period the patient is advised to wear an elastic pressure garment so as to support the skin.

When compared with other surgical procedures this treatment is cost effective. It will also take very less time to heal. If you are suffering with breast enlargement then do any of the above discussed procedures as early as possible.

Auth bio – I am interested in knowing and writing about new medical procedures and treatments for various diseases and conditions. This article is to make people aware of the treatment procedures available for gynaecomastia.


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