Enhance Your Confidence and Appearance with Plastic Surgery

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center in Ahmedabad, IndiaIf you are thinking about plastic surgery then you can be sure that there’s nothing to worry about. The cosmetic surgery can really help you to improve your appearance. The procedures of the surgery have a long one since the early days. The modern equipments of cosmetic surgery, and experienced doctors, make the surgery problem free. However, it’s important to know what you are going for before taking the final decision. These surgeries can be used to cover any mark on your body or improve any particular feature of your appearance. There are many different cosmetic surgery types which can change your body and face.

What to know about plastic surgery

There are a lot of things to know about plastic surgery and that will help you to decide where you are going through the process or not. The first thing you must understand that the procedure may have some side effects. The modern science has blessed us with equipments that make these kinds of surgeries risk free. However, even if the operation goes flawlessly, there can be side effects of it. Not everyone is eligible for the cosmetic surgery. The type and quality of your skin are big factors that decide if you are ready for the surgery. Consult an expert to know about it more thoroughly.

A plastic surgery can be actually the person who can tell you if you will find effective results after the operation or not. You need to go through some tests for determining if your skin is right for a surgery of this kind. Another thing to know is the fact that the surgery costs a lot. The cosmetic surgery is not an option for you if you don’t have enough money in your bank for it. If you are eligible for the surgery then you will be happy to know that the end results are always effective. The cosmetic surgery provides you with permanent results that you were wishing for.

Finding the best plastic surgeon

What you have to be most careful about plastic surgery is that it should be performed by the only and expert practitioner. The world of cosmetic surgery has evolved a lot during the last one decade. Still, it all comes down to the surgeon standing beside your operation table, with a knife and scissors in hand. A plastic surgeon, like any other surgeon, becomes better with experience. The more surgeries he or she has behind her, the better results he or she can provide you with. Finding the best cosmetic surgeon is easy, as the best ones are always famous. However, they come with an issue of affordability that not everyone can match with.

You don’t always need to go to the best surgeon for expected results. There are many cosmetic surgeons who are not as famous as the popular ones, but they are capable enough. You can talk with anyone you know, who has gone through a cosmetic surgery. You can also look for the surgeons online, with public provided ratings and reviews. The best plastic surgery clinics in Ahmedabad, India will be rated higher.

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The Pros and Cons of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery in Ahmedabad by Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery CenterBreast reduction surgery also known as mammoplasty is designed for the reduction of breasts in women. This procedure helps in the removal of fat, glandular tissues and also skin from the breasts which help them to look smaller, lighter and firmer than before the surgery. This surgery also helps in reducing the size of the areola, the dark area around the nipples. The goal of this surgery is to give firm and better shaped breasts to the woman and this increases her beauty.

Who is eligible for this surgery?

Breasts reduction surgeries can be done on those women who have bigger breasts as compared to their body frame. This makes them look disproportionate and they may think of undergoing the breast reduction procedures for enhancing their beauty.

Many women have heavy and pendulous breasts with the nipples pointing downwards. This makes the breasts look bad and these women can also for surgery for the correction of their breasts.

In some women one breast is larger than the other. This makes the women look bad and to reduce this one can opt for the surgery to make both the breasts of the same size. This will help in giving a shape to their body and increase their appeal among the opposite sex.

Due to the large breasts, many women suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain. To reduce this pain, breast reduction procedures can be undertaken by the person.

Skin irritations occur in many women due to the wearing of tight bra straps for holding their big breasts. This causes skin irritations and it becomes difficult for the person to wear the bra. Opting for surgery in that case will be a good idea.

Many people get restricted in their work due to their large breasts. This creates dissatisfaction in the minds of the person. To decrease this self-conscious about having large breasts one can simply choose the surgical procedures.

What is the age at which one can do this surgery?

This surgery can be performed on a person at any age. However cosmetic surgeons advise that this is to be done after the breast development has stopped in a person. Childbirth and breast feeding can have many effects on the size and shape of your breasts. It is better to take the advice of the cosmetic surgeons before opting for the surgical procedures. They take into account the size of the breasts, the medical history of the person and then decide on the surgery process. This is done so as to ensure that the patient does not develop any side effects after the surgery has taken place.

Complications of the surgery:

Scarring is one of the side effects of the surgery. Temporary or permanent scars may develop on the place where the surgery took place. Hematoma or bleeding can also occur in the person and another surgery has to be done to correct the problem. Loss of nipple sensation is another complication associated with this surgery.

Thus, before opting for breast reduction surgery in India, these factors have to be taken into account by the person.

About Male Breast Enlargement and Effective Treatments

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Ahmedabad, India

Like women, today men also have treatments for breast enlargement. Most of the people believe that breast enlargement in man is due to obesity. Other than obesity lot more other factors can contribute to this condition. The condition where male breast enlarges and look similar to female breast is called gynaecomastia.

What are the causes of male breast enlargement or gynaecomastia?

Off course, obesity is one of the causes of male breast enlargement. Some other causes for the condition include abnormal growth of glands present in the breast tissues. Any imbalance in the hormone can promote the growth of glands. Use of anabolic steroids and excessive alcoholic consumption can be other reasons for the condition. Diseases like liver failure, cancer and birth related abnormalities also results in gynaecomastia.

Men who have gynaecomastia will be very self-conscious about their appearance. They may feel uncomfortable to appear in front of others.

Is there any natural remedy for Male Breast reduction?

If you are an obese person try to reduce food and take exercises to reduce the body weight. If breast enlargements was due to obesity then with the reduction of your body weight it will automatically disappear. Reducing the consumption of alcohol and eating healthy food can also help in Male Breast reduction up to certain extent.

Any treatment is available for Male Breast reduction?

Yes, there are effective treatments for gynaecomastia surgery in Ahmedabad. If the breast enlargement is due to accumulation of fatty tissues then it can be removed using liposuction.  One of the major advantages of liposuction is no scars will be left after surgery.  In the chest region liposuction procedure is performed by making a small incision of 5-6 mm long and removing the excess fat cells accumulated there using a fine cannulae. This is one of the most effective procedures and it will remove excess fat accumulated in the chest wall and the sides of the breast.

In some cases there will be glandular tissues, other than fatty tissues. If glandular tissues are present in excess quantity then it cannot be removed with liposuction. Glandular tissue growth can be removed using a surgical procedure. By removing the excess glands grown on the breast region the size of the breast will reduce automatically. In the surgical procedure a small incision is made on the edge of the areola to take the glandular tissues out. In this process no scars will be left when everything is healed.

Male Breast reduction procedure is performed under general anaesthesia with intravenous sedation, and this is a safe procedure. The patient can go home within few hours after the procedure. The results of the breast reduction surgery are permanent. It will take two to three weeks for the swelling to reduce after the surgery. During the healing period the patient is advised to wear an elastic pressure garment so as to support the skin.

When compared with other surgical procedures this treatment is cost effective. It will also take very less time to heal. If you are suffering with breast enlargement then do any of the above discussed procedures as early as possible.

Auth bio – I am interested in knowing and writing about new medical procedures and treatments for various diseases and conditions. This article is to make people aware of the treatment procedures available for gynaecomastia.