How to Get Better Results through Corrective Rhinoplasty in Ahmedabad

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Often when you undergo a nose job facilitating cosmetic surgery, things may not go right the first time. This is when you seek corrective rhinoplasty, which is a corrective measure with a lot of challenges. In this initiative, the foundation of the nose, which is been changed by the earlier procedure, becomes more vulnerable and requires a long time to recover.

Stats of Corrective Rhinoplasty

As per the medical history of cosmetic surgery, it is clear that the success rate of corrective rhinoplasty can be as high as 15%. It shows how difficult facial surgeries are. Considering this aspect, being a wise patient you must have close insights into the qualification and expertise of your cosmetic surgeon if you happen to undergo this corrective rhinoplasty. You should look for experience, training, qualification and related board certifications for sure.

When Should you Opt for Corrective Rhinoplasty

Whether you should go for the corrective Rhinoplasty after a nose surgery or not can ideally be suggested by your doctors as it is widely treated as an effective reconstructive measure because of its complexity. The only objective of this procedure is to improve the aesthetic appeal of your nose, retain normal breathing systems, and display best results in line with the goals and individual preference.

It may become necessary despite the best efforts of your doctor and you may have to undergo corrective rhinoplasty procedure as it is necessary to give a final and best facial appeal.

Although there is no hard and fast rule as to how many times a patient can undergo this procedure, it is necessary to understand that more the corrective surgeries you will undergo more scar issues, which may affect the healing and cosmetic outcomes. It is, therefore, suggested to rely on a great surgeon to avoid or reduce the additional scarring.

What to Expect from Corrective Rhinoplasty

It has been observed that a great number of patients looking for corrective rhinoplasty procedures both having aesthetic and functional problems are usually treated by developing a strong underlying nasal layout. The best way to treat such patients is by facilitating grafts or “living tissue” lifted from other body parts like the wall between the nostrils, septum, bowl of the ear, and rib. This gives a strong and stable structure to the nose. But often some of the patients may opt for the right donor as they might be completely deprived of living tissues during their first nose surgery.

Selecting the Right Surgeon

Although every surgeon tries to avoid any corrective procedure that may lead to any second surgery but if it ever happen better to understand and go for the best surgeon considering their rapport and do not forget to have an honest communication with the surgeon.

Those doctors who are board-certified and frequently perform revision rhinoplasty in Ahmedabad are considered to be the best ones to perform this complex procedure. These surgeons know the significance of entire evaluation of the nose and the review the earlier surgical procedures and techniques to get the right and satisfying results.


Get a Makeover this Summer by 5 Cosmetic Procedures in Ahmedabad

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As you prepare for winter closing, you’re about to welcome and look forward to the cozy warmth of summer days. Refreshing sunshine, beach time and tropical vacations, I am sure you would not ask for anything else. But the relaxing time of summer days also bring some worries about exposing your body which may not be that good an idea. Just to stay cool and comfortable this summer you may get these five cosmetic procedures done and be confident and look smarter this summer.

1. Tummy Tuck

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This is the best procedure to flaunt a flat and toned tummy if you have lost a lot of weight or have multiple pregnancies. All this would have been visible on your body in the form of loose tummy and the nearby skin. This may stop you from indulging in sports or other activities. You can opt for a tummy tuck procedure in Ahmedabad as per your physical condition, preference and other circumstances, which you many also fuse with liposuction for best results.

2. Breast Enhancement


When you plan to wear a bikini or enjoy a warm summer day resting on the beach, it’s time to give a new shape and size to your breasts. It’s true the not every body type is meant for this procedure, but if you are not confident of your shape, you may opt for breast enhancement procedure in Ahmedabad to elevate your summer spirits. It will not only enhance your confidence but it will also allow you to take frequent trips to your favorite beach during this summer.

3. CoolSculpting

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If you have stubborn fat cells which are not getting reduced through various means, it is time to opt for the CoolScuplting procedure. It is a non-surgical cosmetic way that helps reduce cellulite that is present in your fatty areas getting you ready to enjoy your summer trips. Make sure that this procedure is done by a board-certified plastic surgeon. This process will free fat cells giving you a more toned physique. In this procedure, no anesthesia or downtime is needed. It is a totally non-risky procedure in which your fat is diminished which is not possible applying any other form of tips like a healthy diet or regular exercise.



This is a facial cosmetic procedure mostly considered by those who want to look great with fresh and younger facial appeal during summer times. This procedure is a great way that reduces fine lines, horizontal frown lines on the forehead and crow’s feet. This will give you younger and more appealing demeanor this summer. You will be no more embarrassed with saggy and frowned skin using this pain-free cosmetic procedure.

5. MicroLaserPeel

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Your face is the most prominent part of your personality that you would give 100% attention when it comes to getting ready for summer. MicroLaserPeel is a cosmetic procedure that is done on skin damaged due to sun rays, have pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines. During your consultation meeting, discuss with your cosmetic surgeon for the most suitable process of dealing with your facial issues. As apart from MicroLaserPeel there are many other non-surgical procedures that could go well with your facial skin type.

These are some of the suggested cosmetic procedures in Ahmedabad that will keep you fresh and younger this summer. Just do not hesitate to speak to a certified plastic surgeon to find out which cosmetic options are most suitable given your body condition and other factors.

What is Gynecomastia and who must undergo the surgery?

gynecomastia-surgery-treatment-ahmedabad-cutis-hospitalGynecomastia is a medical condition which affects men as it leads to the growth of large male breasts which is similar to that of females. It is caused due to an imbalance of hormones namely oestrogen and testosterone. The condition can affect one or both the breasts, sometimes the growth can be uneven. Anyone from newborns, to adolescents to older men can develop gynecomastia as a result of changes in the hormones. Usually, it is not a serious problem but it can be tough for the person to cope with it. Those suffering from this condition can experience pain in the breasts and may feel embarrassed due to it. It may go on it own, but if it does not one can take medication or undergo surgery.

What are the symptoms of gynecomastia?

Swollen breasts

Breast tenderness

When is the right time to see a doctor?

You must consult a doctor when you have swelling, pain, tenderness or experience nipple discharge in one or both breasts.


The doctor will ask questions about your medical history and health condition of blood relations. He will also do a physical examination which might include evaluation of breast tissue, and genitals. You may be advised to undergo blood tests, mammograms, CT scans, MRI, Tissue biopsy, and a testicular ultrasound.


Most gynecomastia conditions regress over time without any treatment. However, if the condition is caused due to malnutrition, hypogonadism or cirrhosis, it might need treatment. If the condition is caused due to medications, you are advised to stop using them.


Several medicines that are effective for the treatment of breast cancer have been found beneficial in treating gynecomastia.

Surgical procedures involved

If the condition has not healed with time or medications do not produce any results then a surgery is advised by the specialists. Following are the surgery options for this condition:

Liposuction: This surgery is beneficial in the removal of breast fat, but does not remove breast gland tissue.

Mastectomy: This surgery is beneficial in the removal of breast gland tissue. It is usually performed endoscopically which implies that only small incisions are made. As this is a less invasive surgery, hence the recovery time required is also minimal.

Other surgical procedures consist of liposuction assisted mastectomy, subcutaneous mastectomy, laser assisted liposuction and laser lipolysis.

Who is the right candidate for Gynecomastia surgery?

Anyone who has developed male breasts and for whom non-surgical procedures did not produce any results is the right candidate to undergo this surgery.

What are the effects of Gynecomastia surgery?

Reduced likelihood of the recurrence of this condition: The chances of redeveloping the condition after surgery are very rare, however, it cannot be guaranteed.

Gynecomastia surgery is the condition of swollen male breasts, though it does not have any serious medical implications, but can be embarrassing for the person. This condition may come and go on its own due to the hormonal changes, but if it does not it is the time to seek medical help. You can take medications or undergo surgeries.

Hair Transplant Surgery: What to expect?


After undergoing a hair transplant surgery, you will notice that a crust has started to form over each graft. The crust stays for almost between one to two weeks and falls off once the area has healed. It leaves the skin pink, which takes its original color within few days.

Hair in the area where grafting has been done usually shed about two to eight weeks after undergoing the treatment. Mostly, hair fall takes place with the crust and in some cases, it may take little longer to fall off. With few exceptions, usually, hair does not grow in the grafts for about eight to fourteen weeks after the surgery. During this time, the hair shed and new hair start to form.

When does hair start to grow to post the treatment?

Hair usually starts to grow after the twelfth week of the transplant. In some cases, they may grow as early in the eighth week. The growth of this hair is normal about half an inch per month. If hair transplantation has been done in a large area, then you can experience swelling on the forehead. This swelling typically lasts for a few days, but in few cases, it can be severe and cause puffiness around eyes. You will not feel the swelling immediately after the treatment and it will begin to rise after two to three days of undergoing the treatment. Usually, one will feel swelling after the first session and it does not reappear after the first session. Do not be worried about swelling as it is normal and temporary. It does not have any implications and does not hinder the healing process.

After a hair transplant, the patient may feel a temporary decrease in the sensitivity of the scalp.


Your specialist will give advice about shampooing your scalp, use of antibiotics and return to the clinic to remove any stitches that have been applied during the procedure.

For the first night after undergoing this procedure, sleep in a semi-upright position. Use a pillow to elevate your head, it is advised to sleep in this posture for at least three days after the surgery.

Do not touch the newly grafted areas, you may experience some soreness or itchiness but touching may lead to falling out.

Avoid alcohol for at least forty-eight hours after this procedure, avoid smoking for one month. Smoking can interrupt the blood flow which is important for the growth of new hair.

Avoid sun exposure until your scalp is swollen or pink, in case you have to go out wear a hat.

If the pain is severe and you find out bleeding or infection, then contact your doctor immediately. It usually takes three to four month’s time for new hair to grow, in some cases, it can be six months also.

Hair transplant surgery in Ahmedabad is an effective procedure to re-grow hair on the scalp. It takes a time of three to four months for the new hair to grow after the surgery and in rare cases; it can be up to six months.

Health Benefits of undergoing Tummy Tuck Surgery


Tummy tuck surgery is a cosmetic procedure which involves removal of excess stomach skin and tightening of abdominal muscles. The end result is firmer and flatter abdomen and better personality. Once you undergo this surgery, you will love the results and will feel good that you took the decision of undergoing it. Though people opt for this treatment because of the cosmetically motivated reasons but there are several other benefits attached with a tummy tuck surgery.

Let us discuss them one by one:

  • Tummy tuck provides relief from urinary incontinence: It can develop because of aging or childbirth. Specialists have found that a tummy tuck surgery can reduce or relieve a person from urinary incontinence. The procedure involves reinforcing and tightening of soft tissues which support pelvic floor, urethra and bladder. It is done because they create pressure on the passage between bladder and urethra.
  • Improvement in the abdominal muscle tone: Abdominal muscles tend to become stretched, weakened and distended when a woman becomes pregnant or becomes overweight. The damage remains there even after one loses weight or delivers a baby and it cannot be repaired with diet control. The tummy tuck procedure does not only involve tightening or removal of skin but addresses the muscles too. When muscles are repaired and tightened they create a stronger and stable abdominal wall.
  • Help is the improvement of body posture: When abdominal wall becomes weak, its integrity and strength get affected, causing bad posture. Tummy tuck surgery helps in restoring stability to the midsection. A good posture helps in reducing the stress on the spine, opens up airways so that you can breathe better and neck or back pain gets reduced considerably. It will also make you look better and confident.
  • Correct a ventral hernia: A ventral hernia is a condition which takes place in the individuals who have experienced stomach surgeries such as C-sections or appendectomies or have had massive weight loss. It can be extremely painful and can lead to infections. This condition can be treated only surgically so when a person decides to go for tummy tuck the specialists check for a Ventral hernia in advance and treat it if the condition exists.
  • Better Lifestyle: When people start to notice the results of this surgery, they take to a healthy lifestyle which includes proper food, exercises, and posture.

Tummy tuck procedure offers numerous health benefits, having a flatter stomach and a perfect body endows a person with self-confidence and can lead one towards a path of well bell being. Seeing yourself in the mirror and being proud of the way you look is a worthwhile experience and can change your outlook towards life. Mostly, people who undergo this surgery adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid future weight gain, this is done by following a healthy lifestyle which includes daily exercises and balanced diet. This for sure will help in maintaining your tummy tuck results and will also contribute towards overall wellbeing.

Breast Reduction: A Lifestyle Improvement Decision for Women Who Feel Burdened by Heavy, Large Breasts


In today’s world majority of the population is highly conscious about their overall appearance. As per the recent trend about physical appearance, people are more interested in having a slimmer and smaller breast size. It is also going to make you feel lighter and healthier. Having light body and breast has become the key to happiness and healthy life.

If you’re also struggling to reduce your heavy breasts, you might also be aware of living with heavy body, which includes:

  • Carrying extra weight all day
  • Appearing fatter than you actually are
  • Bearing the expenses of opting for various remedies like costly control lingerie
  • Being embarrassed when getting looked at by everyone.

Bigger is Often Painful


Overweight mostly leads to serious health issues, better opt for breast reduction surgery for your own wellbeing and it has also earned the most updated and effective way to look lighter, healthier and feel happier.

How Breast Reduction Surgery Makes your Life Better

No More Back Pain


Yes, that’s the biggest advantage when you have standard breasts after having breast reduction surgery done. Having large breasts not only discomforting, but it can also result in severe back pain the may be accompanied by neck pain and shoulder pain. As per a research, 50% women of all women having large breast experience continuous upper back and neck pain. This graph reduced to only 10% after going through the breast reduction surgery.

Fit into your Best Dress!


I am sure each of you has some range of dresses we always want to wear. But due to the overweight breasts, you would avoid donning it or look bizarre wearing it. Now when you reduce to the right fit breasts, you can easily wear your favorite shirt or any other clothing that you would have hidden behind those bulky clothing. Having large breasts will give you tough time finding the right clothes fitting your size correctly, and barring to wear a few of the outfits altogether. Breast reduction treatment in Ahmedabad is the way out that can help you look your best.

Improved Personality


It is a human nature to be noticed for great reasons. Receiving unwanted attentions for your curves is quite annoying and embarrassing. You can change this scenario by going through breast reduction treatment and add to your personality and your smile. Having a more balanced figure, you’ll get loads of benefits that will not only help you look better but will also give you more outfit wearing options. You will feel more confident in taking part in sports activities. You will now feel much better showcasing your swimwear on the beach.

So, do you really want to switch the attention of others to what’s actually important –like your conversation or what you plan to do? It is possible now by opting for breast reduction surgery – which will help you look more confident and boost your morale in every sphere of your life.

Know the Facts About Patient Safety in Plastic Surgery


The elective approach of cosmetic surgery makes it more important to observe patient safety during the entire surgery. In most of the hospitals the positioning and patient preparation work is the responsibility of nurses and other anesthesiology staff. It becomes even more important for these members to know the importance of the patient safety and preoperative guidelines of patient positioning as most of the plastic surgeons perform the majority of the cosmetic procedures in their office-based surgical setting.

Present Scenario

With the growing cases of using fat injections to the buttocks across the globe, it has also increased the focus on deaths occurring during this procedure, which is caused due to the injection of other illicit materials like silicone. The dream of a well-toned derriere has landed many individuals into the hands of such professionals who often lack the required credentials or training to perform plastic surgery leading to devastating results or fatal side effects.

How to Find right Plastic Surgeon

Being a patient, you must understand how to rely on the right surgeon as you may be lured by the promise of cheap procedures offered by some unqualified surgeons. As there is not stringent regulation from the state, patients are compelled to fend for themselves. It is always advisable to thoroughly research the credentials of the professional and also ensure that the facilities offered are completely accredited. Be alert and never forget to find if your surgeon is a certified profession or not.

What to Expect from a Certified Practitioner

It is not illegal to perform cosmetic surgery for any physician but they must be “board-certified cosmetic surgeons.” For this, a physician should have attended an accredited multi-year training course in plastic surgery, and have passed complex written and oral examinations. This doesn’t guarantee that board-certified plastic surgeons don’t face complications. It’s just that this training helps them understand how to reduce the risks prior to surgery in terms of selecting their candidates based on their by appropriate candidature for surgery. Moreover, they are also armed with expertise to manage any complications that may arise during or after surgery.

Patient safety and comfort during the surgery are becoming increasingly necessary. This is not only important to avoid complications during cosmetic surgery, but it will also add value and professionalism to the overall rapport of the plastic surgeons making their profession more noble and reliable.